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Featured Donors

OWC 724G Cheryl
OWC 724G Cheryl
Registration #252782

Cheryl is a daughter of OWC 4x4 from a Windsor cow. She has produced SHAF Hat Dance, a Habanero son that we sold half-interest into the Rowe/Kuck herd, a Hostage daugher that has matured into an unbelievable mother and future donor here at Shafer Farms. This cow produced a $6750 steer by Strictly Business. Also to her credit is an Ice Pick daughter that was the second high seller at the 2004 Ohio Beef Expo in the Mainetainer Division of bred heifers and a Heat Seeker steer that was recently named Reserve Grand Champion at the Primetime Show & Sale in Lebanon, Ohio. We have mated this cow six different ways to date and have not found a way that does not work. 724/s mating to Hostage is a maternal powerhouse deluxe. The Hostage daughters are moderate framed, big ribbed, and super hairy with picture perfect udders. They are big footed and very fertile, which runs in this cow family.

EC Brittney
EC Brittney
Registration #219467

Brittney and Who Made Who have proven to be a very successful mating, as can be seen by her 2004 daughter pictured here. She is a long fronted, feminine female that has continued to stay sound and has developed a tremendously thick top and square hip. As she matures, we realize that this mating has the qualities of something very special. There is little guesswork in this combination.

Pictured below: Heifer calf out of Brittney
HF Sweet Lauren
HF Sweet Lauren
Registration #308248

Lauren was our choice of the 2001 Holiday Classic where we purchased her for $9,000. She was bred to Habanero which produced a bull (Sweet Pepper) that went on to sell in the 2003 Profit Minded Sale. He was the high selling bull of that sale and went to Ritchie Farms in Ohio. Lauren was then mated to Heat Seeker which produced three heifers. Two of these were sold in the 2003 Winning Edge Sale. One of these heifers sold into Michigan while the other one stayed in Ohio at Dave Thompson's to have an oustanding show season. The third heifer went to Wes United, also having a tremendous show career with over a dozen championships. Between the two Ohio heifers in 2004, Lauren has generated over $20,000 of revenue in the last 18 months. The hard part is done. All you have to do is get the calves on the ground. Whatever you get will have a well-respected cow family behind them. They will be easy to market if you so desire. We will be of any assistance that we can.
WK Miss Angus
WK Miss Angus 7003
Registration #12835684X

WK Miss Angus has the following credits to her name:
  • Calf Champion in the Percentage Show, Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes 2003
  • Reserve Junior Champion Female, 2003 American Royal
Leachman Beulah
Leachman Beulah

Beaulah is a moderate framed, big ribbed pure Angus Traveler 044 daughter that originated from Leachmans. She possesses the natural thickness along with the tremenous will to milk in a package that is super sound with all four feet going in the right direction.
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